Australian Grape & Wine announces grapegrowing representative board members

The newly formed Australian Grape & Wine recently announced the appointment of draws 4 Directors who will bring to the Board the views of 4 committees – Large Winemakers, Medium Winemakers, Small Winemakers and Vignerons. The reresentative Directors will serve for an initial term of one year.
The directors representing the interests of grape growers are:

  • Heather Webster, Independent grower and Chair Wine Grape Council SA
  • Andrew Weeks, Managing Director, Rivawine Collaboration, Riverland, SA
  • Mardi Longbottom, Independent grower and Senior Viticulturist Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Colin Bell, Viticulturist and Director, AHA Viticulture, Western Australia
  • Ben Rose, Viticulturist, Performance Viticulture, Victoria (Permanent Alternate)

Each member has extensive experience in the grape and wine industry. This broad knowledge base will ensure the interests of the grape growers are well represented as the future work plan of Australian Grape and Wine is formed.

Grape growers and winemakers across Australia can look forward to the benefits the amalgamated organisation will bring.
The key benefits for grape growers include:

  • An enhanced voice at a national level — the aim is to ensure that grape grower views are represented at national forums.
  • Better representation at national policy setting forums, including Plant Health Australia (PHA).
  • Stronger engagement with Wine Australia and involvement in R&D policy strategy and priority setting.
  • Enhanced service delivery, with an emphasis on better information on demand/supply, influences on prices and a more effective Code of Conduct.
  • Direct involvement in policy issues relating to, inter alia, maximum residue limits, biosecurity, agrichemical availability, water and environment.