Journal Advisory Subcommittee

The ASVO has created the Journal Advisory Committee (JAC) to provide guidance to the ASVO Board on matters relating to the administration of the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research. The JAC is also intended to assist the ASVO in elevating and promoting the Journal within the wider research community.


The appointment is governed by the terms of the Constitution and Rules of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology Incorporated. Members of the AJGWR JAC are appointed in a Non-Executive capacity by the Board of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO). The appointment is not a contract for services and is not a contract of employment. The appointment will be on an annual basis to be concluded or renewed in January of each calendar year. A member of the JAC shall be eligible to resign from the Committee upon either a written or verbal statement of such action provided to the chairperson of the Committee at any time. Members will not be remunerated, however some costs directly associated with JAC membership such as travel costs may be reimbursed, as negotiated with the Chair on an incidental basis, and within ASVO budgetary constraints.

Committee Composition

The ASVO Board will appoint one Board member as the Chair of the JAC. Members of the JAC will be identified from members of the ASVO. Members of the JAC will be selected based on expertise, experience and professional recognition, reflecting appropriate skill sets. It is intended that members of the JAC will represent various geographical areas, institutions, and scientific expertise. Members of the JAC must have expertise in the area of scientific research, scientific writing and manuscript review.

Dr Paul Grbin, The University of Adelaide, Chair
Dr Paul Boss, CSIRO Agriculture and Food
Dr Rob Bramley, CSIRO Agriculture and Food
Dr Dimitra Capone, The University of Adelaide
Dr Markus Herderich, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Dr Fiona Kerslake, University of Tasmania
Dr Terry Lee, OAM (ex officio)
Dr Jacqui McRae, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Assoc. Prof. Paul Petrie, South Australian Research and Development Institute
Dr Suzy Rogiers, NSW Department of Primary Industries
Dr Anthony Robinson, Treasury Wine Estates
Dr Leigh Schmidtke, Charles Sturt University
Dr Paul Smith, Wine Australia