Conversations with researchers

We like to catch up with those people behind the research, to share their stories. These short summaries are for both scientists and readers outside the research community to anyone and everyone who is interested in science and research.

The articles on this page have been selected as noteworthy or likely to be of high interest to the wine community.

Predatory arthropods associated with potential native insectary plants for Australian vineyards

M.J. Retallack, L.J. Thomson, M.A. KellerDr Retallack set out to investigate the role that native insectary plants can play in promoting predatory arthropods that provide biological control of vineyard pests, and to clarify if Light brown apple moth (LBAM), Epiphyas postvittana is the main lepidopteran pest of grapevines in vineyards
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Don’t miss the marc: phenolicfree glycosides from white grape marc increase flavour of wine

M. Parker, A. Barker, C.A. Black, J. Hixson, P. Williamson, I.L. Francis

While shoveling seemingly endless quantities of grape marc this vintage have you ever thought about the what flavour precursors might be held within this waste product? Well, ASVO member and AWRI Senior Scientist Mango Parker has. Mango’s research is finding new ways to recover non-bitter flavour precursors in grape marc that boost flavour when added back to wine. Check the paper published in the March edition of the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research.