Future Leaders of 2017

Congratulations to Dr Anthony Robinson.

We are pleased to announce that our Vice President, Dr Anthony Robinson, has been chosen by Wine Australia to be part of the 16 talented people who are the Future Leaders of 2017.
The Future Leaders alumni include many Society members who have been identified as rising stars and are helping to shape the future of the wine industry. It is not surprising that ASVO members are selected, being a member demonstrates that they have a commitment to increasing their knowledge and developing their skills through professional development.

The Future Leaders is coordinated by Wine Australia in partnership with the Winemakers Federation of Australia (WFA) and Australian Vignerons (formerly Wine Grape Growers Australia). The Future Leaders program is designed to develop participants leadership capabilities and encourage innovation and thoughtful debate on the future of the sector.

Gwyneth Olsen
Simon Killeen
Anthony Robinson

Jason Amos
Nigel Blieschke

Kristy Bartrop
Katherine Brown
Ashley Keegan
Suzanne McLoughlin

Sarah Crowe
Mark Krstic
Helen McCarthy
Con Simos

Rob Bramley
Daniel Johnson
Ashley Ratcliff

Jeremy Dineen
Mary Retallack
Andrew Weeks

Corrina Wright

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