2017 ASVO AWAC scholarship winner

Matthew Large, Shadowfax Wines, Victoria

A major objective of the ASVO is to promote education in viticulture and oenology and to ensure and maintain the highest standards of quality for these educational objectives. This year the ASVO is supporting one of its members to participate in the Advanced Wine Assessment Course (AWAC), delivered by the Australian Wine Research institute (AWRI). An esteemed panel of judges with extensive expertise in the area of wine show judging and wine sensory assessment have this year selected Matthew Large, winemaker/viticulturist at Shadowfax Winery, Victoria to receive the AWAC scholarship.

Matthew works as part of a small team managing all aspects of wine production from vine to bottle.  Matthew believes that bench-marking his wines against others in the industry and utilising his sensory assessment skills to critically evaluate his wines is an integral part of winemaking practice and that his level of proficiency in doing this is directly correlated to his value and skill as a winemaker. “I am constantly trying to improve my skills on my own accord, and often at great expense, because I believe so deeply in their relevance to my position, and my ability to both perceive and express our wines within our team and to the general public is extremely relevant to our success as a business.”

Matthew credits the ASVO seminars as a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of the Australian wine industry and he believes that the more winemakers and viticulturists who belong to the ASVO, the more innovation, information, excitement and progress our industry will enjoy. He hopes that participating in the AWAC will position him in “the vanguard of Australian winemakers and viticulturists advancing our practice and changing local and global perceptions of our industry.” We wish him well at the AWAC and look forward to hearing about his experience later in the year.

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