MOG (Matter Other than Grapes) posters

Depending on where you live vintage will range from being well and truly underway to just starting. This is a good time to check the wall of your grape receival area to see the state of your MOG (Matter Other than Grapes) posters. If they are looking a little tatty or faded (or are even missing altogether), new posters are available online for rapid dispatch from the ASVO website. The posters, one each for red and white fruit, cover a wide range of MOG, including petioles, leaves, canes and the broken arms of vines. They also encompasses foreign matter such as stones, picking utensils, trellis parts, metal objects and irrigation components, which can be difficult to detect in loads prior to crushing. The posters have been produced by the ASVO provide a visual guide to both optimum loads and loads with acceptable levels of MOG. They also clearly illustrate unacceptable amounts of MOG.

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