Video-Propagation for healthy vineyards

2018 ASVO Seminar; Frontline pest and disease management for healthy vineyards
Propagation for healthy vineyards

Nick Dry, Yalumba Nursery

The foundation of a successful wine business is the vineyard and at the core of this investment is the planting material.   We are currently in a vineyard development boom and we know from previous experience that during these periods there is an increased risk of planting compromised material as growers access whatever is available. The two major contributors to poor quality planting material are Grapevine Trunk Disease (GTD) and Grapevine Virus.  In the case of GTD pathogens they are difficult to detect and so growers may not recognise that the poor performance at establishment is related to GTD in the original planting material and will often blame abiotic, cultural or environmental factors.  While virus is more easily detectable it is still a complex issue and is a major threat to our vineyard landscape.  In this presentation I will provide insight into what nurseries and vine improvement are doing to limit the risks related to the spread of GTD and Grapevine Virus through plant material.