Video-Non-chemical Botrytis management – NZ perspective

2018 ASVO Seminar; Frontline pest and disease management for healthy vineyards
Non-chemical Botrytis management – NZ perspective

Ollie Powrie, Villa Maria Estate Ltd

With grape production spread across 9 grape growing regions within New Zealand and a ‘Nil residue’ spray programme, the team at Villa Maria Estate is constantly challenging the status quo and looking for innovative ways to grow healthy crops.

Villa Maria has been driven by a desire to reduce chemical inputs and grow more naturally resistant crops, whilst experiencing more changeable and unpredictable weather conditions. A real focus has been cultural controls for botrytis management in terms of canopy management, vine health practices including wood disease management, ‘soft’ sprays for crop protection and more recently ‘mechanically shaking’ the vines pre-veraison.

I will share key insights into the seasonal challenges we face and how innovative methods have changed the way we manage our vineyards.