Video-Digital Spraying

2018 ASVO Seminar; Frontline pest and disease management for healthy vineyards
Digital Spraying

Dr Andrew Hewitt, The University of Queensland

Optimization of the dose when spraying vine canopies at different times of the year and for different pests and diseases requires careful consideration of the structure of the canopy, row spacing, and upper and lower limits of foliage. While the human eye can assess these, digital technologies offer a precise way to link sensing of the target using LiDAR with sprayer control to deliver targeted sprays. We have developed a spray system on this basis and are finding excellent performance in tests in vineyards across Australia as well as associated laboratory work at our wind tunnel. This is one of two approaches to optimal dosing with minimal spray losses through drift that we have assessed, with the other approach being recapture/ recycle spraying. This research is the spray application component of the Wine Australia project on Digital Viticulture which is bringing new technologies and tools to support optimised viticulture through research by several universities, companies and government research organizations in Australia.