2018 Frontline pest and disease management for healthy vineyards

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Grape Phylloxera – Quarantine management and importance of diverse genetic strains
Dr Catherine Clarke, Agriculture Victoria Research
Grapevine viruses and other future threats
Dr Fiona Constable, ‎Victorian Dept. of Environment and Primary Industries
Grapevine viruses & biosecurity in New Zealand
Dr Vaughn Bell, Plant and Food Research, New Zealand
Mildews: what drives an epidemic?
Barbara Hall, South Australian Research and Development Institute
Learnings from Panama incursion in Queensland
Jim Pekin, Australian Banana Growers’ Council
Free biological control of insect pests? Yes, please!
Dr Mary Retallack, Retallack Viticulture
Using agrochemical data to monitor trends and ID future issues
Dr Paul Petrie, The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Digital Spraying
Dr Andrew Hewitt, The University of Queensland
Challenges to agrochemical availability
Marcel Essling, AWRI
New phylloxera detection method: opportunities and next steps
Inca Pearce, Vinehealth Australia
Winemaking trials with sooty mould
Peter Godden, The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Monitoring grapevine pathology with hyperspectral imaging
Dr Bob Dambergs, The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Current Australian exotic pest incursions
Dr Mardi Longbottom, The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Non-chemical Botrytis management – NZ perspective
Ollie Powrie, Villa Maria Estate Ltd
The reality of living with phylloxera
Andy Clarke, Yering Station
Using unmanned aircraft systems to manage insects and diseases–the power of perspective.
Dr Brian McCornack, Kansas State University
Clonal selection program
Dr Cath Kidman, Wynns Coonawarra Estate
The effects of spray drift on grapevine growth
Dr Gerhard Roussow, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Propagation for healthy vineyards
Nick Dry, Yalumba Nursery