Video- Anything but pure culture Saccharomyces

2018 ASVO Seminar; Fermentation- Converting research to reality
Anything but pure culture Saccharomyces

Prof. Vladimir Jiranek, ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production and Department of Wine and Food Science, the University of Adelaide

The winemaking world has gone full circle and beyond in terms of their use or encouragement of microorganisms for fermentation. Historically fermentations were uninoculated, relying on indigenous yeast and bacteria. But this practiced progressed to the use of a pied de cuve, winery-propagated pure strains, active dried Saccharomyces (single and mixed cultures), pure culture non-Saccharomyces strains, novel strains from novel environments, and now back to uninoculated fermentations. What has changed over these several decades are winemaking fashion, consumer tastes and the depth of understanding of the nature and impacts of these organisms and their interactions. Recent insights from the international research community will be highlighted along with the opportunities these may present.