2015 Mildura Presentations

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The Economic Longevity Challenge for Australian Vineyards
The state of the Australian industry – economics and business profitability in different regions Simon Berry
Future industry outlook Stuart McNab
The Vineyard Longevity Challenge – Managing Biotic threats to Productivity
Sustaining vineyards through management of grapevine trunk diseases Mark Sosnowski
Modelling the Economics of Preventative & Remedial Practices for managing Trunk Diseases Kendra Baumgartner
A case study in re-training vineyards affected by trunk disease Colin Hinze
Sustained performance of rootstocks in Lower Murray vineyards Tim Pitt
The Vineyard Longevity Challenge – Managing Abiotic threats to Productivity
Climate impacts and business adaptation. Paul Petrie
Salinity management strategies Kerry Degaris
Optimising the management of soils and organic matter. The role of soil carbon in drought resilience. Jeff Baldock
The impact of Grapevine Viruses in New Zealand Vineyards. Vaughan Bell
Innovation and Adaptation for Long Term Survival
Case study of business diversification Sue Bell
Branding the family vineyard– be the purple cow in a herd of brown Ashley Ratcliff
Opportunities with disease resistant cultivars Ian Dry