2014 Adelaide Seminar Presentations

Micro-oxygenation and its impact on polyphenols and sensory characteristics of red wines
Prof Dr Dominik Durner, Fachgebiet Oenologie und Lebensmitteltechnologie
The impact of green berries and petioles on Cabernet Sauvignon wine
Dr Paul Boss, CSIRO Agriculture
Grape maturity and fermentation temperature influences on red wine phenolic extraction
Peta Faulkner, DEPI
Grape destemming and sorting technology – Developments in-winery and on-harvester
Dr Simon Nordestgaard, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Rapid methods of phenolic extraction in reds
Dr Anna Carew, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
Ethanol Removal from Wine: Making More with Less
Dr Leigh Schmidtke, Charles Sturt University
Alternatives to bentonite – what’s on the horizon
Dr Jacqui McRae, Australian Wine Research Institute
Influence of climate and variety on the effectiveness of pre-fermentative cold maceration
Richard Fennessy, The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
Tannin Addition Use in the Production of Red Wines
Associate Professor James Harbertson, Washington State University, Prosser
Oak alternatives – a balance between science and finance
Dr Kerry Wilkinson, The University of Adelaide.
Additives & processing aids: when things go wrong
Con Simos, Australian Wine Research Institute
Beyond manganese – how winemaking inputs can prevent market access
Steve Guy, Australian Grape and Wine Authority
Process efficiency in winery operations – techniques and technologies in other industries
Nick Palousis, 2XE
Organic nitrogen and its impact on alcoholic fermentation
Daniel Granès, Institut Coopératif du Vin
Lightweight bottles – gains in efficiency and reductions in packaging costs
Don Bruce, Treasury Wine Estates
Efficient Marketing for Wine Brands
Prof Larry Lockshin, University of South Australia