2018 Adelaide program




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Thursday, 27 September 2018

9:00 9:05 Welcome Assoc. Prof. Paul Grbin University of Adelaide
9:05 9:15 Opening Address Brian Walsh Wine Australia

Session 1: Microbiology


Dr Alison Soden


Treasury Wine Estates

9:15 9:30 Wild wine: metagenomic analysis of microbial communities during wine fermentation Dr Anthony Borneman Australian Wine Research Institute
9:30 9:45 Wild fermentation in practice Sam Wigan Yalumba
9:45 10:00 New MLB strains for different environments Dr Eveline Bartowsky Lallemand
10:00 10:15 Managing problematic MLF Geoff Cowey Australian Wine Research Institute
10:15 10:30 Questions
10:30 11:00 Morning Tea

Session 2: Fermentation


Dr Paul Smith


Wine Australia

11:00 11:15 Fermentation nutrition Dr Gemma Beltran University of Tarragona
11:15 11:30 Modern Winemaking or: “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Oxygen” Dr Martin Day Australian Wine Research Institute
11:30 11:45 Modelling of tannin and colour extraction Dr David Block University of California Davis
11:45 12:00 Chemistry of fermentation: Water into Wine Dr David Jeffery University of Adelaide
12:00 12:15 Questions
12:15 13:00 Lunch

Session 3: New Horizons


Dr Alana Seabrook



13:00 13:15 Characterisation and development of non-Sacch yeast for tailored fermentation Dr Ana Hranilovic University of Bordeaux
13:15 13:30 Spoilt for choice; Towards a comprehensive understanding of yeast traits to facilitate strain selection Dr Simon Schmidt Australian Wine Research Institute
13:30 13:45 Past, present and future of non-Saccharomyces yeasts Dr Warren Albertin University of Bordeaux
13:45 14:00 Anything but Saccharomyces Prof. Vlad Jiranek University of Adelaide
14:00 14:15 Questions
14:15 14:45 Afternoon Tea

Session 4: Understanding when to do nothing; to intervene or not





14:45 15:00 Setting the Scene

  1. What is intervention?
  2. When did intervention become an issue for you?
  3. What do you do when things don’t go to plan?
  4. Which makes better wine? Intervention or non-intervention?
Sue Bell Bellwether Wines
15:00 16:45 This highly regarded panel led by Sue Bell will answer your tough questions about the technical, commercial & philosophical Dr Paul Henschke Greenhill Wines
considerations winemakers face when deciding whether to intervene or not. Dr Anthony Borneman Australian Wine Research Institute
Dr Irina Santiago-Brown Inkwell wines
Max Allen Author
Sam Wigan Yalumba
Steve Clarkson VA Filtration
16:45 17:00 Summary