2019 Viticulturist of the Year advisory committee


Liz Riley
Committee Chair

Liz is based in the Hunter Valley as an independent viticultural consultant. As a specialist generalist she has been driving the adoption of best practice in the region. This has encompassed setting up regional demonstrations and facilitating workshops to engage the local grower community with concepts and practices that they were unlikely to otherwise explore. The key projects over the last few years has been the “Field Demonstration and Evaluation of heat stress/sun protection products (sunscreens) to improve Semillon wine quality”, Precision Viticulture and the use of insectary plants (informal) as well as ongoing engagement in regards to pest and disease management . The local work has resulted in some practices being tweaked for local conditions which has in turn made them more successful and resulted in adoption. Local winemakers have also been engaged in the process as appropriate to support these activities.
Ben Rose
Ben grew up in the wine industry and started Performance Viticulture almost 20 years ago. While he still has an active involvement with the family vineyard he also maintains clients throughout Victoria and internationally. He is also a rural property valuer.Ben is the Victoria & Tasmania representative on the Australian Vignerons Executive Committee. He has held this position since August 2014.
Mardi Longbottom
Mardi began her career in viticulture in 1992 helping to establish her family’s vineyards in the Limestone Coast. Shortly afterwards she gained her BAgSci(Vit Sci) and worked in technical and vineyard management positions in Coonawarra, the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Mardi’s professional experience includes teaching viticulture in the undergraduate and post graduate programs at The University of Adelaide, where she also completed a Masters and PhD in Viticulture, as Viticulture Research and Extension Associate in Virginia, USA, as a viticultural consultant and in her current role as Senior Viticulturist at the AWRI. Her current activities include research into N2O emissions from vineyards and extension of technical information about greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and climate change to the grape and wine sector.
Mardi has been an ASVO member since 1995 and is particularly interested in fostering the sustainability of the Australian wine industry through advocacy and advancement of our stakeholders based on world class research.
Colin Hinze
Colin has also been heavily involved with education and research. Taylors is currently hosting its third Wine Australia-funded project using precision viticulture techniques for measurement and evaluation, and is working with the CSIRO on the development of sensors that could give feedback about quality parameters. A decade of achievements was recognised in 2016 with the ASVO’s award for Viticulturist of the Year.
Mark Krstic

Dr Mark Krstic is currently the Business Development Manager with The Australian Wine Research Institute. Mark has served as Program / Innovation Manager with the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation, based in Melbourne and has previously worked in research roles with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) for 9 years and completed a postdoctoral appointment at CSIRO Plant Industry. Mark served as President of the Australian Society of Oenology and Viticulture.
credits: © AD LUMINA Ralf Ziegler
Kristy Bartrop
Kristy has been the Industry Development Officer at the Wine Grapes Marketing Board since August 2008. The Wine Grapes Marketing Board is a statutory authority that represents over 400 independent Riverina wine grape growers. This diverse role involves everything from meeting with State and Federal Ministers to collecting petiole samples.Prior to this employment she has worked as a Research Assistant at CSIRO Land & Water, Food Industry Liaison Officer and Teacher at Riverina TAFE, and Laboratory Technician at NSW Department of Primary Industries, Orlando Wines, Sunrice and Allgold Foods.
Kristy has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science) and a Masters of Management by Distance Education through Charles Sturt University whilst working in the Riverina. She is currently undertaking a second Masters degree by Distance Education in Ethics and Legal studies. Kristy is also a participant in the 2012 Wine Industry Future Leaders program.Kristy is passionate about the future of the Australian wine industry and believes the ASVO’s provision of the latest research findings and technical information is invaluable for the industries viticultural and wine making professionals.
Tony Proffitt

Dr Tony Proffitt (BSc, MSc, PhD, Post-graduate Dip. in Viticulture) commenced his career in agricultural science during the 1980s. He has worked in the technical, consultancy, extension and educational sectors of the Australian wine industry since 1995. He spent five years with Southcorp Wines (now known as Treasury Wine Estates) and then joined AHA Viticulture, a vineyard management and consultancy company based in the Margaret River region, Western Australia. Tony continues to work as a consultant viticulturist. He is best known for his work using and promoting the Precision Viticulture suite of tools for vineyard management.In 2006 he co-authored the book entitled Precision Viticulture a new era in vineyard management and wine production. Tony has a strong interest in education, having been employed as a lecturer in viticulture at Curtin University Western Australia. He is the author of many scientific papers and industry articles which have been published in a range of peer-reviewed and popular viticultural, agricultural and soil science journals.