2019 ASVO Winemaker of the year

Corrina Wright

I don’t really like the status quo and I tend not to be quiet about that fact! Innovation is key.

Corrina Wright is a McLaren Vale regional Ambassador, a role in which she is able to provide leadership and information dissemination in the region and has served on the McLaren Vale Grape Wine Tourism Association board.

Wright is passionate about ‘alternatives’ in the marketplace, and relishes showing consumers something different than what they are used to and loves educating them on new varieties.

“Nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they try and love a Fiano, when they previously have only ever enjoyed Sauvignon Blanc- it’s like a whole new world opens up and allows them to not be afraid to try something new next time.” says Wright.

Wright encourages a strong culture of innovation, doing things differently and doing things better. Not afraid of launching into the unknown with strange varieties in a viticulture, winemaking & wine marketing sense. Wright leads by example, and feeds off the excitement of something new. Ideas are revered and “having a go far outweighs whether the idea was a success or a failure, because there is always learning along the way”says Wright.

Wright was the first in Australia to plant Spanish variety Mencia, following on the back of early adoption 10 years ago of Fiano, Vermentino & Sagrantino. Wright wanted to diversify the vineyard from primarily Shiraz, and in particular look for varieties that are heat & drought tolerant, have high natural acidity and that offer a different flavour profile to traditional Shiraz & Grenache plantings.

Wright has the vision to try something new, educated herself and drives the implementation of new variety in a viticultural & winemaking sense. The objectives has been to diversify vineyard offerings, to look at varieties that are more heat & drought tolerant and that make more sense in a climate change world, and from a marketing sense, be able to play in both the traditional varietals (and therefore traditional customers) and new varietals (and therefore millennial/gen y/gen x customers) markets.

Wright is an early adopter of social media and e-commerce platforms. Wright launched an online subscription club in 2018 that has taken our membership from 100 to 850 in 7 months, providing a really strong & sustainable income stream for our business.

Wright has been a key instigator and part of the working group for the development of the Australian Grape & Wine Diversity and Gender Equality Charter for the wine industry and is also on the board of the Australian Women in Wine Awards.

Wright was one of the driving forces behind the, now sold out, ‘Hear me Roar’ wine, which was a collaboration between 4 SA female winemakers & the Australian Women in Wine Awards to make a wine that was sold to generate a fund where 100% goes to assist women to flourish and succeed in their chosen profession in the Australian wine industry via scholarships. $50k was raised and we will be soon starting nominations. I was part of the vision for this project, all the way through to the production, and will assist with the selection of recipients.


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