Australian Wine Export Council (AWEC)

The Export Market Developer

The Australian Wine Export Council is a division of the AWBC that acts as the collaborative export market development and promotions arm of the Australian wine industry, conducting promotional activities in key overseas markets on a co-operative basis with Australian exporters. AWEC maintains offices in Adelaide, London, Frankfurt, New York, Tokyo, Stockholm and Toronto.

Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference (AWITC)

(Funded by industry by means of fees to attend the conference and sponsorship)


  1. to promote and co-ordinate the dissemination and exchange of technical information for the benefit of the Australian grapegrowing and winemaking industries; and
  2. to plan, organise and conduct at regular intervals, conferences, trade exhibitions and other events for persons associated with the grapegrowing and winemaking industries.

Membership of the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference

  1. The Australian Wine Research Institute; and
  2. The Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology

Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture (CRCV)

The ‘Green’ Viticultural Specialist

The Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture is a joint venture between Australia’s viticulture industry and leading research and education organizations. It promotes cooperative scientific research to accelerate quality viticultural management from vine to palate.

The Centre was established in 1992 under the Commonwealth Government’s Cooperative Research Centre initiative to play a key role in boosting the competitiveness of all the major sectors of Australian industry and ensure Australia maintains and enhances its science and technology base into the 21st century.

The CRCV have five programs, comprising of three major research programs, an education program and the Viticare program that delivers information and research outcomes to the industry.

Australian grapegrowers and winemakers are key stakeholders in the CRCV, contributing levies matched by the Commonwealth Government and invested by the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation in the Centre.

Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC)

The R&D Administrator ‘Specific’

(Commonwealth Statutory Authority)

The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation is funded by levies on grapegrowers and winemakers with matching Commonwealth funding. It invests these monies in grape and wine research and development on behalf of the Australian wine industry and the Australian community.

The organisation’s goal is to realise for Australia the excellent returns available from strategic investment in wine industry research and development.

Research and development is critical to the growth and development of the industry, as it provides the essential new knowledge and know-how to enable industry to solve production problems and grasp market opportunities.

Australia has an excellent reputation as one of the most technologically advanced wine-producing nations in the world. The GWRDC aims to maintain that competitive edge.

Office Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV)

The International Regulator

To gather, study and publish all information that demonstrates the beneficial effects of wine.

To set up an indicative program of all new scientific experiments that should be undertaken to demonstrate the hygienic qualities of wine and its influence as an agent for campaigns against alcoholism.

To indicate to the governments of the member states of the O.I.V., the measures to be taken to ensure the protection of wine interests and the improvement of conditions of the international wine market, after having collected all necessary information, such as wishes, opinions expressed by academics, scientists, international congresses or others on the production and sale of wine.

To bring to the attention of Governments international conventions for which there would be an interest in joining, such as those aiming at: 1. Ensuring a standard presentation of the results of wine analysis, 2. continuing a comparative study of the methods of analysis used in different states, in view of concordance tables.

To submit to the governments all appropriate propositions that may insure, in the consumers’ interests as well as the producers’:

  1. The protection of vintage wines;
  2. The guarantee of the products; pureness and authenticity, from creation
    to consumption, by all appropriate means, especially by certificates of
    origin issued according to national laws;
  3. The stamping out of fraud and dishonest competition by the seizure of all
    outlaw products and by civil and corrective actions for individuals or
    groups to ban illicit practices, to pay compensation to the prejudiced
    parties and punish the perpetrators of the frauds.

To take all initiatives, permitted by the laws of each country, to develop the wine trade and to communicate all appropriate information to private, national or international organisations, necessary for such development.

Within the framework of its missions, the General Direction of the O.I.V. and its services, the head office of which is in Paris, ensure the implementation of the provisions adopted by its Scientific and decision-making bodies.

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)

The Industry’s Scientist

(Funded by levy payments from industry and matching Government funds through the Australian Research and Development Act)


  1. to carry out applied research in the field of oenology;
  2. to service the extension needs of the winemakers of Australia;
  3. to be involved with the teaching of oenology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  4. to assume responsibility for the co-ordination of oenological activities, and the collection, collation and dissemination of information on oenological and viticultural research to the benefit of the Australian wine industry.

Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA)

The Negotiator and Diplomat ‘wine’

With its wide ranging mission of increasing the net financial returns to its members and the wine industry, the WFA has scope to take on an assortment of issues on behalf of the industry it serves. It is the wine industry’s peak body, being the result of a coalition of the Australian Regional Winemakers’ Forum (representing small and medium size wineries) and the Australian Wine and Brandy Producers Association (representing large producers); these bodies being its founding ‘electoral colleges’. The Federation deals with issues ranging from taxation of wine and other legislation that affects the industry, the ‘health debate’, wine law as it affects the industry technically, wine packaging and issues affecting the brandy industry. Naturally, it has been a key play in the Inquiry into the Winegrape and Wine Industry, calling for a variety of pro-industry reforms. The Federation is to develop a 30-year plan for the Australian wine industry. Membership of the Federation and its ‘electoral colleges’ is voluntary.

Wine Australia

As the Australian Government agency responsible for providing strategic support to the wine industry, Wine Australia offers  a range of services and insights to help the wine industry make informed business decisions, protect the reputation of Australian wine, remove market access barriers and grow demand for Australian wine globally.