Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know a financial member of the Society to endorse my application

The Secretariat will be able to assist you in completion of this section of the application by obtaining the signature of a committee member at the next meeting. Therefore forward your completed form and payment to the Secretariat.

How do I establish a vineyard and where can I obtain more information on the development of the site?

The Society’s recommendation is for you to contact your local Department of Primary Industries. The Society can recommend a number of viticulture consultants whose charges vary depending on the type of work and length of time associated with the enquiry.

Information on a specific topic difficult to locate

It is not in the Society’s charter to provide information associated with research projects. We recommend you contact your local library for the copies of our proceedings (or view the Tables of contact under ‘Proceedings’ in this website). Alternatively you may like to view the Tables of Contact for the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research in this website (hard copy should also be available in your local library).