ASVO Fellows

ASVO fellows with President Mardi Longbottom (left to right back ): Peter Hayes, Terry Lee, (Middle) Paul Henschke, Patrick Iland, Peter Dry, (Front) Richard Haselgrove, Di Davidson, Brian Croser.

The Board of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology elects Fellows from members who have made a particularly outstanding and meritorious contribution to the grape and wine industry. The criteria for this award include making a major contribution in an industry, scientific, educational or Society role and having been a Member of the Society for at least ten years.

*2007 Bryan Coombe AM
*2007 Peter May AM
*2007 Richard Haselgrove AM
*2007 Patrick Iland OAM
*2007 Terry Lee OAM
*2007 Pat Williams AM
2012 Peter Dry AM
2013 Malcolm Allen
2014 Paul Henschke
2015 Peter Hayes AM
2016 Brian Croser AO
2016 Di Davidson AM
2017 Louisa Rose
2018 Robert (Bob) Dambergs
2018 Richard Smart
2019 Dr Tony Jordan OAM

*2007 saw the introduction of a new category of ASVO membership when the previous status of Life Member was replaced with that of Fellow.

The previous Constitution required conferral of the status of Honorary Life Member to require:

  • retirement of the person from active professional life, and
  • unanimous support of the Committee in judging that the person either:
    • has been a Professional Member for at least ten years and to have either published two professional papers in the Journal of the Society or to have served as an officer of the Society, or
    • has been a member of the Society or the Australian wine industry or in science applied to viticulture or oenology for 25 years, and to have rendered outstanding and meritorious services to the Society and to the fields of viticulture and oenology.

The new Constitution that was adopted in November 2006 replaced the category of Life Member with that of Fellow. A key difference is that a Fellow need not be retired from active professional life; furthermore, the position is only available by invitation by the Society. To be invited to become a fellow the person must have been a Professional Member for at least ten years, and it also requires an outstanding and meritorious contribution through either an industry, scientific, educational or Society role.

We did have two Life Members; Bryan Coombe became the Society’s first life member, and the late Peter May soon joined him. We had great pleasure in inviting Bryan to become our inaugural Fellow of the ASVO in 2007.