2019 AWITC & WineTech

Organisers and exhibitors alike were satisfied with how the 2019 AWITC and WineTech went.

This year the planning committee  ensured that we had prime placement, just a few steps from the dining area and in close proximity to the AWRI stand to take advantage of good traffic flow. The strategic alignment with Australian Grape and Wine and Wine Australia allowed us to invest in a bigger trade stand, sharing the cost  is a clever move. The booth featured a vineyard picture with  each organisations logo and corporate colour above.

Setting up the stand

Promoting the Society through scarves payed off, it helped to ensure that delegates were aware of ASVO members presence and increased the status of the Society. “We are proud to have been able to send out strong signals to the sector that the professional Society is increasing in members and capacity to deliver meaningful benefits for members.”

Corrina Wright in full ASVO colours ASVO Promotional Items

Our trade space quickly filled up with delegates, who engaged in conversations with ASVO Directors, Fellows and award recipients who passionately answered all the questions. This interaction, the openness, the honesty and the passion created an exciting atmosphere, and demonstrated the benefit of membership.

Stand volunteers L-R Louisa Rose Chris Brodie Wendy Cameron and Richard Fennessy Tony Bataglene and Brian Croser supporting the Society

Many thanks to all who volunteered to be part of the stand:

Kristy Bartrop Kerry deGaris Terry Lee
Marlize Bekker Peter Dry Peter Leske
Colin Bell Richard Fennessy Mardi Longbottom
Sue Bell Paul Grbin Brett McClen
Pete Bissell Mike Hayes Brett McClen
Rob Bramley Peter Hayes Liz Riley
Chris Brodie Paul Henschke Tony Robinson
Wendy Cameron Colin Hinze Louisa Rose
Andrew Clarke Matt Holdstock Con Simos
Peter D’Onghia Brooke Howell Liz Waters
Bob Dambergs Cath Kidman Kerry Wilkinson
Di Davidson Mark Krstic Corrina Wright